2024 Writing Courses Online: Which One Is Right for You? (2024)

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Table of Contents Writing Courses Online: Which One Is Right For You? How Much Do Online Writing Courses Cost? Types of Writing Courses Available Online Grammar Courses Creative Writing Courses Technical Writing Courses Business Writing Courses Copywriting Courses Content Writing Courses Grant Writing Courses Screenwriting Courses Journalistic Writing Courses Non-Fiction Writing Courses Academic Writing Courses The Benefits Of Taking A Writing Course Online Flexibility Convenience Wide Range of Courses Cost-Effectiveness Access to a Wealth of Resources Interactive Learning Feedback From Experts Building a Writing Community Improved Writing Skills How To Choose The Right Writing Course For You? What type of writing do you want to learn? What level of writer are you? How much time can you commit to a writing course? Best Online Writing Courses Available in 2024 Best Grammar Courses Available Online Best Creative Writing Courses Available Online Best Technical Writing Courses Available Online Business Writing Courses Available Online Best Copywriting Courses Available Online Best Content Writing Courses Available Online Best Grant Writing Courses Available Online Best Screenwriting Courses Available Online Best Journalistic Writing Courses Available Online Best Non-Fiction Writing Courses Available Online Best Academic Writing Courses Available Online Which Courses Improve Writing Skills? Which Writing Courses Should I Take? Are Online Writing Courses Worth It? Will My Employer Pay for me to Take the Course? How Do You Improve Your Writing? What Are the 4 Types of Writing? Your Next Steps FAQs References

If you're looking for a writing course, you know there are many to choose from, and it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. In this article, we'll discuss some of the best writing courses online, and how to choose the right one for you.

To help you make the best decision, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best writing courses online. We’ll also give you some tips on how to choose the right course for you.

Table of Contents

  • Writing Courses Online: Which One Is Right For You?
  • How Much Do Online Writing Courses Cost?
  • Types Of Writing Courses Available Online
  • The Benefits Of Taking A Writing Course Online
  • How To Choose The Right Writing Course For You?
  • Best Online Writing Courses Available In 2024?
    • Best Grammar Courses Available Online
    • Best Creative Writing Courses Available Online
    • Best Technical Writing Courses Available Online
    • Best Business Writing Courses Available Online
    • Best Copywriting Courses Available Online
    • Best Content Writing Courses Available Online
    • Best Grant Writing Courses Available Online
    • Best Screenwriting Courses Available Online
    • Best Journalistic Writing Courses Available Online
    • Best Non-fiction Writing Courses Available Online
    • BestAcademic Writing Courses Available Online
  • Which Courses Improve Writing Skills?
  • Which Writing Courses Should I Take?
  • Are Online Writing Courses Worth It?
  • Will My Employer Pay For Me To Take The Course?
  • How Do You Improve Your Writing?
  • What Are The 4 Types Of Writing?

Writing Courses Online: Which One Is Right For You?

There are a few things you should consider before enrolling in a writing course:

  • your goals

  • your schedule

  • your budget

The first factor to take into account is what your goals are for taking the course.

Are you looking to improve your writing skills for personal use or for professional development? What is your desired outcome from the course?

Once you know your purpose for taking the course, research different options to find one that best fits your needs.

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Next, take into account the time commitment required by each course. Some can be completed in as little as a week while others may span several months.

Make sure you choose a program that gives you enough time to complete all assignments and readings without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

Lastly, look at your budget and see what you can afford.

Some writing courses are more expensive than others. And while you shouldn't go for the cheapest option available, it's important to find a course that fits your financial means.

How Much Do Online Writing Courses Cost?

The cost of online writing classes widely depends on the type of course, the provider, and the duration of the course. Some online writing courses are free, while others can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Free writing courses are often self-paced and may have limited features and support. They're a great option for those who are on a tight budget or just starting out with writing.

On the other hand, paid writing courses may offer more structured lessons, interaction with instructors and classmates, and access to more in-depth resources and materials.

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These courses may range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars, depending on the provider and the level of instruction offered. Some cost as much as several thousand dollars.

Ultimately, the cost of an online writing class will depend on what you are looking for and what you are willing to invest in your writing education.

Some popular online learning platforms, such as Coursera and Udemy, offer a range of writing courses at various price points, so you can find one that fits your budget.

Types of Writing Courses Available Online

You may know that you want to improve your writing skills. But are you clear on the exact writing type you seek to learn? Do you know which aspect of writing you wish to improve?

There are many types of writing courses available online.

Let's break down the different types of writing:

Grammar Courses

Grammar is the foundation of any good writing.

Understanding the architecture of grammar is the foundation of any good writing.

It consists of grammar, punctuation, and style. Grammar courses focus on these technical foundations to help you write with clarity, confidence, and competence. If your grammar skills are weak, consider a grammar course as a first step toward improving your writing.

It's the foundation that boosts your entire writing process.

Creative Writing Courses

Have you ever wanted to write stories or poems?

Online creative writing courses can take you there. You'll learn about different writing styles, such as fiction, poetry, and personal stories.

These classes teach you to create characters and stories that captivate readers. They're ideal if you dream of becoming a writer with strong writing skills or just love expressing yourself.

With creative writing courses, you'll gain skills and discover your unique writing voice.

Technical Writing Courses

Technical writing needs to be clear and precise.

These courses teach you to write technical documents, such as guides, reports, and instructions.

The key to technical writing is making complex things easy to understand. If you're in a field like engineering, IT, or science, these writing classes are a must. They help you communicate complex information simply and effectively.

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Business Writing Courses

If you're looking to stand out in your professional field, classes in writing for the workplace are a great step on your writing journey.

These online courses teach you to craft emails, reports, and proposals that are both clear and convincing. Perfect for improving your professional skills, these courses equip you with the tools to create impactful documents.

If you're an aspiring writer or someone looking to improve critical communication skills, business writing classes will transform your writing into something both impressive and influential.

Copywriting Courses

Copywriting is the art of using words to persuade.

Online copywriting classes help you master the art (and the science) of creating content and sales copy that captures attention and prompts action. In these classes, you'll learn to deeply understand who you're writing for, deliver powerful messages, and create memorable phrases.

These classes are ideal if you're interested in writing website content, landing pages, and sales pages. They're especially beneficial for those in marketing or anyone eager to influence through words, equipping you with the ability to produce content that truly resonates and sells.

Content Writing Courses

Writing for the web involves specific skills, including understanding key elements like what is a noun, a verb, or an adjective.

Content writing classes cover these areas, teaching you about blogging, creating website content, and writing social media posts. The goal of these classes is to develop engaging, SEO-friendly, and informative content for online platforms.

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Content writing classes are useful if you are a freelance writer, digital marketer, or anyone looking to strengthen their online presence. They help in honing the skills necessary to create quality online content, enhancing your overall English writing skills.

Grant Writing Courses

Grant writing is a key skill for getting financial support for important projects.

In these online writing classes, students learn to create proposals that can get funding. They focus on writing in a way that's clear, persuasive, and significant. This is especially important for people working with non-profits, research, and other areas where funding is needed.

Many online education companies offer these writing classes. They teach students how to write proposals that really stand out, guided by experienced writing instructors.

Screenwriting Courses

Screenwriting courses are a perfect way to explore the captivating world of film and TV.

These courses teach how to craft scripts that make stories come alive. Focusing on essential elements like plot, character, and dialogue, they are crucial for creating engaging and interesting stories.

If you've had a dream to write for the screen or simply adore movies, these online classes are a gateway to understanding visual storytelling and writing your first script.

Journalistic Writing Courses

Journalistic courses help journalists and reporters at all levels hone their craft.

These courses cover reporting, article writing, and investigative skills, and they focus on writing that is factual and ethical.

Ideal for those dreaming of a writing career or interested in media, these classes equip you with professionally transferable communication skills.

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Journalistic writing courses prepare you to write with integrity and create an impact through your writing assignments.

Non-Fiction Writing Courses

Nonfiction is the art of sharing real-life stories in an interesting way.

Nonfiction writing courses explore different types, such as memoirs and travel stories. With these courses, you'll gain skills in researching and learn how to share facts in a way that grabs attention.

If you love to write stories, these classes are perfect for you. They teach you to write engaging non-fiction that holds a reader's interest.

Also, you'll discover how to write effective dialogue and develop strong characters. This is key in making your non-fiction pieces come alive.

These skills are not just for fiction writers; they're crucial for anyone aiming to make their real-life stories resonate with readers.

Academic Writing Courses

Academic writing is key for students and those doing research.

These courses are centered on crafting research papers and articles. Through these courses, you'll learn new ways to organize your ideas, make strong arguments, and properly list your sources.

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These courses, which you can think of as effective writing courses, are often available online. This means you can learn at your own pace, fitting the lessons into your schedule.

Whether you're working on a college assignment, graduate thesis, or academic article, these skills will help you communicate your ideas effectively and confidently.

The Benefits Of Taking A Writing Course Online

There are several benefits to taking a writing course online, including:


Online writing courses can be taken at any time, from anywhere, making it possible to learn how to write a book before breakfast and fit learning into your busy schedule.


There is no need to commute to a physical location, making online courses a more convenient option for many people.

Wide Range of Courses

With a large number of online writing courses available, you can choose the type of writing you want to learn and find a course that fits your goals and interests.


Online writing courses are often more affordable than traditional, in-person courses.

Access to a Wealth of Resources

Online writing courses often provide access to writing materials, videos, and resources like Google Docs book templates that can be accessed at any time.

Interactive Learning

Many online writing courses offer interactive elements, such as online discussions with classmates, that can enhance your learning experience.

Feedback From Experts

Online writing courses may provide opportunities to receive feedback from instructors and writing professionals, which can help improve your writing skills.

Building a Writing Community

Online writing courses can connect you with other writers, providing opportunities to exchange ideas, share writing samples, and receive feedback.

Improved Writing Skills

By taking a writing course, you will have the opportunity to improve your writing skills, learn how to brainstorm for a book, gain new knowledge and techniques, and develop your writing style.

Overall, taking a writing course online can be a convenient and effective way to enhance your writing abilities and reach your writing goals.

How To Choose The Right Writing Course For You?

There are many different types of writing courses available online, so how do you know which one is right for you?

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a writing course:

What type of writing do you want to learn?

There are courses that focus on creative writing, business writing, technical writing, and more. Choose a course that covers the type of writing you’re interested in.

What level of writer are you?

Some courses are tailored to beginners while others are suitable for intermediate or advanced writers. Make sure the course you choose is at the appropriate level for your skillset.

How much time can you commit to a writing course?

Courses can be long or otherwise demanding – find one that fits into your schedule and life. Consider your budget too – there may be some feeds involved with taking an online course. But often they're affordable or even free!

Best Online Writing Courses Available in 2024

Here are some of the best online courses on writing you'll find in 2024.

To help you, we've classified them by type.

Best Grammar Courses Available Online

Beginning Grammar (UC Irvine)

This is a course offered by the University of California, Irvine, which focuses on English grammar for beginners. It's designed for those starting their English learning journey. The course has impressive numbers showing its popularity and effectiveness.

It consists of three courses, taught by Rachel Fernandez and Karen Vallejo, who have guided over 73,920 and 80,170 learners, respectively.

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The course boasts high ratings: 4.9 out of 5, based on 2,447 reviews. It's flexible, requiring about 10 hours a week for a month, making it perfect for busy schedules.

The Architecture of Grammar (Trivium Writing)

The Architecture of Grammar is one of Trivium Writing's signature courses. Based on The Architecture of Grammar book, it expands on 30 short lessons designed to help writers write more clearly, effectively, and compellingly.

The Architecture of Grammar is short, sweet, and straightforward. It breaks down the most important elements of English grammar in a way that makes sense to beginners and more advanced writers. The course has a high rating of 4.8/5 from 2,078 students and counting.

English Grammar: All You Need to Know

This course is hosted by UCL, a prestigious university known for its high-quality courses. This course is perfect for you if you want to learn more about how sentences are built or how to communicate more effectively.

This course has a high rating of 4.6 based on 19 reviews.

Speaking of students, over 3,323 learners have already enrolled.

The course runs for six weeks, and you need to set aside about 2 hours per week for study. It's a premium course that packs a lot of value. You get unlimited access to all the course materials, including articles, videos, and quizzes.

Plus, you can even earn a certificate at the end to show off your new grammar skills!

Whether you're a freelance writer, creating content for online publications, or just want to express yourself better, these skills are super useful.

Remember, the course doesn't aim to improve your speaking or writing skills directly, but the grammar knowledge you gain will definitely help you in these areas.

Grammar and Punctuation (Coursera)

This course is a fantastic way for anyone to brush up on their English grammar and punctuation skills. It's especially useful if you are into creative writing, including short stories and novels.

This course is quite popular, with a whopping 711,551 students already enrolled.

2024 Writing Courses Online: Which One Is Right for You? (9)

The course has an impressive rating of 4.7 out of 5 based on 18,986 reviews. This high rating suggests that most students find the course helpful and engaging.

The instructors, Tamy Chapman, Helen Nam, and Brad Gilpin, come from the University of California, Irvine, and they're pretty well-rated too, with ratings around 4.8.

The course itself is designed to be flexible, with a total of about 17 hours of learning.

If you're interested in writing – whether it's to write poems, stories, or even start novel writing – understanding grammar and punctuation is critical.

This course covers key areas such as verb tenses, conjunctions, sentence types, and even the tricky rules around commas.

Plus, you'll learn about parallel structure and sentence variety.

English Grammar and Style (edX)

This edX course is a popular choice, with a staggering 782,906 students already enrolled.

This eight-week course demands about 3 to 4 hours of your time each week, and you can progress at your own pace. It's a completely free online course, but there's an optional upgrade if you want more.

Led by Honorary Associate Professor Roslyn Petelin from The University of Queensland, this course is an excellent opportunity for you to enhance your writing skills. You'll dive into the world of grammar, learning about sentence structure, punctuation, and effective writing styles.

Each week, you'll tackle a new topic. You’ll learn about verbs, nouns, pronouns, and even the finer parts of speech, including adjectives and determiners. The course also includes a special focus on adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions, and the art of crafting well-structured paragraphs.

Whether you're looking to improve your business communication skills or you're an established writer aiming to polish your style, this course has something valuable for you.

Best Creative Writing Courses Available Online

How to Write a Novel: Structure & Outline: The University of British Columbia

This is a creative writing course offered by the University of British Columbia on Edx that covers the basics of creative writing, including writing techniques and methods. It's a great option for those starting out in creative writing and looking for guidance on where to start.

This online writing class can guide you through the exciting journey of writing a novel. It has a high rating of 4.7 stars, based on 14 ratings.

Designed to last 6 weeks, it requires a commitment of 4-6 hours per week.

2024 Writing Courses Online: Which One Is Right for You? (10)

In this course, you’ll learn from experienced authors and professors from The University of British Columbia’s Creative Writing MFA program. They will teach you the essentials of creating a compelling novel, starting from the initial idea to a detailed outline.

This is especially helpful if you dream of writing your own story but aren't sure where to start.

This course also focuses on personal essay writing!

The Novelry

The Novelry is a novel writing school known for its comprehensive courses, expert coaching, and supportive community.

This school offers various classes such as "The Novel Kickstarter Course" and "The Finished Novel Course."

Participants receive one-on-one coaching from bestselling authors and editors from top publishers. The Novelry has obtained a high number of 5-star reviews, indicating high satisfaction among students.

Over 60% of student submissions to literary agencies are successful within two weeks, which showcases the course's effectiveness in preparing writers for the publishing industry.

Bookfox Academy

Bookfox Academy provides an online writing class that features 8 comprehensive courses with more than 200 videos.

This course also includes interactive quizzes and printable resources for a thorough learning experience. The academy boasts an online community for writers, offering over 80 writing exercises.

2024 Writing Courses Online: Which One Is Right for You? (11)

The instructor, John, holds an impressive background, including teaching at prestigious universities and being published in well-known newspapers.

Gotham Fiction Writing Courses

Gotham Writers offers a diverse range of fiction writing courses suitable for various interests and skill levels.

Key courses include Fiction Writing I for beginners, Creative Writing 101 for both fiction and nonfiction, Memoir Writing for personal storytelling, and Novel Writing for aspiring novelists.

They also offer specialized courses, including Screenwriting, Character development, Science Fiction & Fantasy Writing, Children's Book Writing, Essay & Opinion Writing, Poetry Writing, Humor Writing, and more.

Best Technical Writing Courses Available Online

Certified Technical WriterSM

This course from Technical Writer HQ is an online, self-paced program with over 3,000 reviews. The course includes a Capstone Project, 95 video lessons, assignments, and quizzes.

It promises a complete understanding of technical writer roles, skills, and leadership in writing teams.

Key offerings include over 70 lectures, 10+ downloadable templates, and exclusive industry interviews. Students get lifetime access to continually added lessons and bonus content. Notable success includes over 50 job offers reported by graduates post-course.

The course, suitable for aspiring or current technical writers, costs $299 for a single program or $599 (discounted from $2149) for full access to 8 certificate programs.

Tech Writer's Certification in Technical Writing

This is a self-paced online course designed for individuals looking to improve their tech writing skills. It offers 90 hours of content and can be completed in 4 months.

The course is open for enrollment at any time and caters to those with limited experience in tech writing or those seeking career advancement.

2024 Writing Courses Online: Which One Is Right for You? (12)

It aims to develop technical language and communication skills, update knowledge, prepare for professional communication teaching, facilitate training for corporate purposes, and enable progression in documentation and technical communication roles.

The certificate is verifiable and comes from an accredited university.

The program consists of three courses: Introduction to Technical Writing for Industry, Intermediate Technical Writing, and Advanced Technical Writing.

Learning Tree's Technical Writing Course

This is a 4-day program. It is available in both in-person and online formats and is conducted in English.

The course is designed for individuals looking to enhance their technical writing abilities. It emphasizes planning, writing, and editing technical documents, along with audience identification, document format selection, and effective use of visuals and graphics.

2024 Writing Courses Online: Which One Is Right for You? (13)

Participants can earn 23 NASBA CPE Credits and 23 PMI PDUs upon completion, but this only applies to live in-class training. The course teaches students to convey complex information, create informative content, and include an end-of-course exam to test knowledge.

There are no prerequisites for enrollment, and the course covers topics such as managing common writing problems, ensuring clarity, structuring information, and document design.

Additionally, the course offers continued support through one-on-one instructor coaching and a computing sandbox.

Embry William's Technical Writing Course

This 6-week course provides strong foundations to translate complex information into plain, simple language.

It equips learners with the essential skills needed for a successful writing career, offering flexible scheduling and encouraging questions throughout the program

The course caters to all skill levels and comprises 27 lessons, 11 quizzes, and approximately 6.5 hours of reading material, videos, and quizzes.

Students also have access to downloadable resources and receive a lifetime certificate upon completion. They can also access resume and job placement tools, along with a timed Final Exam (Quiz).

Business Writing Courses Available Online

Coursera: Business Writing

This comprehensive online course offered by the University of Colorado at Boulder covers the basics of effective writing, including style, tone, grammar, and punctuation.

Taught by Dr. Quentin McAndrew, the course encompasses 12 hours of content with a flexible schedule. The course has already enrolled 171,627 students, and it features 28 quizzes for assessment. It is rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 4,475 reviews, with 98% positive feedback.

Upon completion, students receive a shareable certificate to add to their LinkedIn profiles.

2024 Writing Courses Online: Which One Is Right for You? (14)

This course focuses on improving business writing skills and offering techniques and tools to improve communication in the workplace.

It is suitable for beginners with no prior experience and can serve as a foundation for further courses in the specialization.

The Business Writing Center's Writing Essentials Course

This course offers online training for business writing skills.

It emphasizes clear and effective business writing, featuring three full-document writing evaluations with comments and coaching.

The course focuses on teaching best practices, overcoming writer's block, and improving the ability to start and finish business documents.

Students work at their own pace and receive personalized feedback from an instructor. Upon completion within two months, a graduation certificate is awarded.

The course covers topics such as letter and memo formats, organizing documents, presenting explanations, and writing clearly.

Effective Business Writing Techniques Course

This course is offered by Instructional Solutions and covers various aspects of effective business writing, offering 10 detailed lessons on topics such as organization, email structure, grammar, and more. It aims to reduce writing time by at least 25%, improve clarity, and eliminate unnecessary content.

Participants receive personalized feedback from expert instructors, and upon completion, they earn a certificate that can be displayed on LinkedIn or a resume.

Koenig Solution's Business Writing Skills Training

This course covers essential principles, including grammar, organization, and clarity, as well as advanced topics like crafting persuasive messages and writing for digital media. Spanning 16 hours, it offers flexibility, with options for one-on-one or group training.

A video recording option is also offered for those unable to attend live sessions.

2024 Writing Courses Online: Which One Is Right for You? (15)

The course is designed for individuals with basic writing knowledge, grammar skills, and a need to improve their business communications.

It aims to enhance document structure, grammar, and overall writing confidence while catering to professionals across various industries.

Contented's Certificate in Business Writing

This one consists of five online courses covering various aspects of writing, including grammar, punctuation, and report writing.

The course has received positive reviews, with a rating of 4.9 based on 7 reviews.

It is accredited by the CPD Standards Office in the UK and provides a professional development qualification worth 5 CPD credits.

The curriculum covers topics such as plain English writing, punctuation, grammar, and practical skills for business reports. The course is designed for professionals and new graduates.

Best Copywriting Courses Available Online

7-Figure Marketing Copy

This course focuses on copywriting skills for marketing purposes.

It offers instant digital access and includes various resources such as 200+ niche headline blueprints, swipe file examples, step-by-step templates, and monthly additions.

It is available for a one-time payment of $20. The author, Sean Vosler, boasts of having helped clients generate over $40 million in revenue.

AWAI's Accelerated Program for Seven-Figure Copywriting

AWAI offers the "Accelerated Program for Seven-Figure Copywriting" for $497.

This comprehensive course focuses on modern copywriting techniques, emphasizing long-form copywriting, and provides hands-on learning with feedback. Students can go through the program at their own speed, taking as little as a year or even less to complete it.

2024 Writing Courses Online: Which One Is Right for You? (16)

Participants have a chance to win a $10,000 contract through the course.

AWAI has a strong reputation for producing successful copywriters, and the program is known as a career-launching platform for copywriters in the direct-response industry.

There is a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days if students decide copywriting is not for them.

Copyblogger Academy

Copyblogger Academy is designed to help writers achieve success in today's digital world.

The course focuses on three key skills: strategy, traffic generation, and audience/technology understanding. It emphasizes the importance of not just writing but also mastering marketing and content strategy.

This course aims to help writers secure high-paying clients, gain steady organic traffic through SEO, and automate aspects of their business. The course creator, Tim Stoddart, shares his personal success story and offers a 12-part training program to teach these principles.

This is a community-driven program to help writers and entrepreneurs achieve their business and income goals.

The RMBC Method

The course introduces the RMBC Method for copywriting, a four-step process:

  1. Research

  2. Mechanism

  3. Brief

  4. Copy

The method claims to help people write better converting sales copy more efficiently. The individuals in their Copy Accelerator Mastermind pay over $30,000 per year to be trained in this method.

In 2014, the author, Stefan Georgi, used this method to write a high volume of well-structured sales letters, earning substantial income.

2024 Writing Courses Online: Which One Is Right for You? (17)

The RMBC Method is a replicable, modular, and templated approach to copywriting, reducing the time spent on planning and increasing actual writing productivity.

Marie Forleo's The Copy Cure

This is one of the best online writing courses designed to teach powerful and persuasive copywriting skills. It emphasizes the importance of effective copy in capturing attention and increasing sales.

The course offers step-by-step video training, writing exercises, templates, and real-time feedback, along with live Q&A coaching calls.

2024 Writing Courses Online: Which One Is Right for You? (18)

It includes three deep-dive bonus trainings and eight masterclasses with copywriting experts.

Over 22,775 students have reportedly transformed their writing skills and profits through the program. Marie Forleo, a recognized thought leader, and Laura Belgray, an accomplished writer, co-created and lead the course.

Best Content Writing Courses Available Online

Hubspot Academy's Content Writing Course

This course by HubSpot covers the best strategies for creating quality content, optimizing for search engines, and driving growth online. The course is designed for marketers, individuals looking to improve their blogging skills, and current or new bloggers.

HubSpot Academy's Content Writing Course includes 3 lessons focusing on developing a business blogging strategy, creating quality content, and building a guest blogging strategy powered by SEO. The course features 17 videos and 3 quizzes, totaling about 2 hours and 18 minutes of content.

The instructor, Justin Champion, guides learners through each step, from crafting a strategy to managing a growing blog.

Northwestern University's Content Strategy for Professionals Specialization

This four-week course, offered on Coursera has already enrolled 21,945 students. It has an overall rating of 4.6 based on 724 reviews. It includes five courses, each rated individually:

  1. Course 1 (4.6, 683 ratings)

  2. Course 2 (4.5, 319 ratings)

  3. Course 3 (4.5, 200 ratings)

  4. Course 4 (4.6, 173 ratings)

  5. Course 5 (4.6, 56 ratings).

The instructors, John Lavine, Candy Lee, and Randy Hlavac, have collectively taught tens of thousands of learners. The program is designed for beginners and can be completed at a pace of 10 hours a week over one month.

ContentHacker's Content Course

This is a week-long program teaching AI content creation for blogs. It includes three modules focusing on theory, writing practice, and monetization, with 15 lessons and 7 hours of content.

Julia McCoy, Jill Caren, Marcus Campbell, and Joe Crivello-Sorensen lead this course, which offers insights into SEO, AI content tools, and practical strategies for content creation and monetization.

2024 Writing Courses Online: Which One Is Right for You? (19)

It is designed for marketers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, emphasizing hands-on learning and real-world application.

The course, valued at $2,897, is offered at a beta launch price of $199 right now. Participants receive a certificate and LinkedIn education badge upon completion.

How to Create Great Online Content (FutureLearn)

This FutureLearn course focuses on creating effective online content aligned with business goals, which is crucial in taking your business seriously.

It has a high rating of 4.7 based on 514 reviews and has attracted 66,444 students. Structured over a two-week period, it demands an estimated 3 hours of study per week.

The course, developed by the University of Leeds and the Institute of Coding, also includes a segment on digital skills for the workplace.

Best Grant Writing Courses Available Online

Grants 4 Good's Grant Writing Course

This course, priced at $997, provides comprehensive instruction in grant writing through 8 modules and 3 bonus lessons, totaling over 10 hours.

This course, suitable for those seeking CFRE International certification, includes 10 hours of CEUs and offers lifetime access to all its resources including videos and downloads.

Additionally, real-time support is available via a customer-only Facebook group.

A variant of this course, which includes 3 months of coaching and bi-monthly meetings, is offered for $3,797. Both versions have a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Grant Writing Class (LearnGrantWriting.Org)

This free grant writing class is focused on teaching how to write winning grants and build a career in this.

It addresses fears related to grant writing, such as the challenge of winning grants and the uncertainty of starting in this field. The course includes lessons on the basics of grant writing, developing a budget, writing narratives, and persuasive writing.

2024 Writing Courses Online: Which One Is Right for You? (20)

Additionally, it provides practical strategies for career transition, either into a new job or freelance grant writing. The class also offers a free grant budget template and insights into the common mistakes that prevent career changes in grant writing.

Get Grant Ready (Nonprofit Ready)

This is a free online grant writing course offered by NonprofitReady.

There are over 500 free learning resources available on the platform to help nonprofit professionals and volunteers. The course comes with a 2-hour online training that helps learners find the right grants for their nonprofit organizations and write effective grant proposals.

This course is also eligible for CFRE Continuing Education Credits.

SDSU's Grant Writing Professional Certificate

This course is offered by San Diego State University's Global Campus. It is a 10-week online program with an estimated total cost of $898.

It teaches students how to develop compelling grant proposals for nonprofit organizations, and it is designed for both current and aspiring grant writers.

The program consists of two courses, "Introduction to Grants and Funding Research" and "Grant Proposal Development," both of which are accessible online and include pre-recorded lessons.

The instructor, Jay Katz, has over 25 years of experience.

The program also offers assistance from the San Diego State University Writing Center. Upon completion of both courses, students earn a Professional Certificate.

Best Screenwriting Courses Available Online

An Introduction to Screenwriting (University of East Anglia)

This course boasts a remarkable rating of 4.8 from 876 reviews, with 268,051 students already enrolled.

This two-week course allows you to study 3 hours per week, fitting easily into your own life.

Upon completion, you receive a digital certificate, helping you gain knowledge in screenwriting. The course covers various aspects of screenwriting, making it suitable for both beginners and established writers.

No formal requirements are needed for this course—only passion.

Foundations of Screenwriting (Chicago Filmmakers)

This is an 8-week online course taught by Paul Peditto.

The course covers everything from formatting to character development, dialog, structure, and narrative progression. It's designed for beginners looking to write feature-length screenplays or short stories.

2024 Writing Courses Online: Which One Is Right for You? (21)

Technical requirements are minimal—you need a computer or smartphone with access to Zoom. All course materials are included and will be emailed to you.

This course provides real-world scenarios for aspiring writers to develop their skills and bring their ideas to life.

Advanced TV Pilot Intensive (UCLA)

This course is a fast-paced workshop that helps participants develop their original TV pilot ideas into fully-fledged scripts.

UCLA's Advanced TV Pilot Intensive covers creating pitch documents, outlines, and script drafts.

It also provides insights into the television industry and professional development. The course is remote, lasts approximately 11 weeks, and costs $1,590.

Advanced Film Rewriting Workshop (Script University)

This is an eight-week screenwriting course offered by Script University.

It focuses on helping writers revise their entire 1-hour drama screenplay with the guidance of an experienced screenwriter, William Rabkin.

The course covers various aspects of rewriting, including structure, scenes, characters, and settings. Participants receive professional feedback from the instructor, engage in peer reviews, and learn techniques to optimize their TV screenplays for success in the industry.

Best Journalistic Writing Courses Available Online

English for Journalism (Coursera)

This course has already enrolled 229,055 students. The course includes 5 modules, covers various aspects of journalism, and is designed for non-native English speakers.

Coursera's English for Journalism is taught by John Cotton and Eve Litt from the University of Pennsylvania, who share a 4.8 instructor rating.

The course offers flexible scheduling, taking approximately 42 hours to complete over 3 weeks at 14 hours per week.

This course provides a shareable certificate and 58 quizzes. It also explores journalism's history, principles, research, writing, and digital media impact.

New York University's Modern Journalism Course

This course covers various aspects of journalism, including investigative tools, interviewing skills, ethics, audio and visual storytelling, and social media usage for news.

2024 Writing Courses Online: Which One Is Right for You? (22)

The curriculum consists of six modules, each taking 3-5 hours to complete, with self-paced lessons. Students earn a non-credit certificate upon completion.

The course is available online and offers on-demand video lessons.

The Open College's QQI Writing Skills for Journalism

This is a QQI Level 5 course, offering 15 credits.

The course fee is €314, with an option to pay in two installments of €157 each.

It's available for 8 weeks and suitable for those aiming to improve journalism writing skills. Assessment includes a Collection of Work (70%) and an Assignment (30%).

Successful completion leads to a QQI Level 5 component Certificate. The course is delivered through distance learning with no required attendance.

The Writer's College Advanced Freelance Journalism Course

This course is designed for graduates of a Freelance Journalism Course or published journalists looking to improve their writing skills.

It offers the opportunity to work closely with professional journalists, create three publishable feature articles, and gain expertise in journalism.

2024 Writing Courses Online: Which One Is Right for You? (23)

The Writer's College Advanced Freelance Journalism Course emphasizes traditional assessment methods, flexible scheduling, individual feedback, and no peer reviews.

It replicates the real-life experience of a freelance magazine journalist and allows specialization in various article types.

The course costs NZ$1595 and can be completed within a maximum of 12 months.

Admission requirements include completing the Freelance Journalism Course or having sold a minimum of three articles to mainstream publications.

Best Non-Fiction Writing Courses Available Online

Writing Nonfiction 101: Fundamentals (Writer's Digest University)

Writing Nonfiction 101 is a 12-week course designed to teach participants the fundamentals of writing nonfiction.

The course covers topics such as creative nonfiction, descriptive writing, interviewing techniques, structure and organization, style, and polishing prose.

The instructor for the course is Mark Spencer, a published author with an extensive background in both fiction and nonfiction writing.

The Writer's College: Write a Nonfiction Book

This is a flexible writing program aimed at individuals who wish to write non-fiction books.

Write a Nonfiction Book offers individualized guidance from an expert tutor and provides traditional assessment methods. The course includes 20 assignments across 10 modules, with a duration of up to 24 months.

This course only requires basic writing skills, computer proficiency, and internet access.

Reedsy: The Non-Sexy Business of Writing Nonfiction

This course focuses on helping individuals with non-fiction book ideas to write effectively and achieve their goals as authors.

It covers topics such as avoiding common writing mistakes, asking essential questions before starting the writing process, and maintaining motivation throughout.

2024 Writing Courses Online: Which One Is Right for You? (24)

The course emphasizes the importance of writing quickly to stay relevant and includes lessons on understanding the vision and purpose of the book, writing techniques, utilizing Amazon reviews for inspiration, overcoming writer's block, staying productive, and engaging readers.

Azul Terronez is known for coaching authors and has worked with both novice and experienced writers, including notable figures like Pat Flynn and Dana Malstaff.

Jericho Writers: Creative Nonfiction

This is a 6-week online course on Creative NonFiction Writing taught by Sam Jordison. It costs £365 and has 12 students in each class. You get access to course content for life. Sam Jordison, a publisher and author, is the tutor. The course covers different aspects of nonfiction writing.

Best Academic Writing Courses Available Online

Academic Writing and Critical Thinking

This course is designed to improve participants' writing, research, and critical thinking skills. It emphasizes the development of a working understanding of the writing process, voice, purpose, and research assessment. It employs APA conventions for formatting and citations.

Instructed by various RRU associate faculty members, this course teaches skills like writing summaries, compare/contrast paragraphs, dramatic writing, and argumentative essays. It progresses through assignments to build competence in academic argumentation.

Academic Writing Made Easy

Offered by TUMx, this course has a duration of 8 weeks and is self-paced.

The course is free to enroll in, with an optional paid upgrade available.

It is currently open for enrollment. As of now, it has already attracted 62,739 students. The prerequisites for the course include having an upper-intermediate to advanced level of English (B2 to C1).

The course covers various aspects of academic writing, including structuring academic texts, identifying different genres, overcoming writer's block, creating cohesive writing, using an appropriate tone, avoiding plagiarism, and following punctuation rules in English.

Academic Writing Practice

Developed by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning, this open course is designed to explore writing processes for both participants and their students.

It emphasizes the importance of writing as a mode of learning, understanding, and personal development. The course covers topics such as literacy narratives, writing processes, integrating writing into teaching, and in-class writing activities.

Upon completion of the course, participants receive an open badge award.

Enago's Academic Writing & Publishing Suite

Enago Learn offers over 15 academic publishing courses. They are developed by experts with 20+ years of experience from top publishing houses. It has 52,750 enrolled students and 2,410 5-star ratings. There are 55 videos and 100+ expert videos.

The courses cover topics like research paper structure and grant applications.

It's designed for early-stage researchers, students, universities, publishers, and research labs. Prices start at $149 with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Which Courses Improve Writing Skills?

There are many classes that can help improve your writing skills; understanding why writing is important is the first step in choosing from a range of courses like technical writing, creative writing, business writing, copywriting, and journalism.

For one thing, be clear on your goal for improving your writing.

What type of writing do you want to improve exactly? Also, realize that there are different approaches and strategies that can be effective for enhancing your skills depending on your objectives.

Remember that practice is key to improvement.

No matter which class or approach you choose, consistent writing and revising will help you refine your skills over time.

Additionally, seeking feedback from peers, mentors, or instructors can provide valuable insights into areas where you can grow as a writer.

Which Writing Courses Should I Take?

If you are unsure which writing class you should take, we suggest starting with Trivium Writing's course The Architecture of Writing.

This courseis a short and effective resource to improve your writing skills across all genres and develop an effective writing mindset. The Architecture of Writing offers an innovative and refreshing look at writing to help writers at all levels improve their skills and feel more confident.

The Architecture of Writing provides an in-depth look into identifying your audience, building your message, and finding your voice. Moreover, it provides insights and strategies for storytelling and selling your ideas.

Over 350 students have followedThe Architecture of Writing, and many more used the underlying Architecture of Writing methodology.

Are Online Writing Courses Worth It?

Online writing courses can be worth it for those looking to improve their writing skills.

They offer a convenient and flexible way to learn, with a variety of courses available to cater to different interests and skill levels, and can be particularly effective in improving writing skills.

They can also be cost-effective compared to traditional in-person courses.

However, it's important to choose a reputable provider and carefully evaluate the course content and instructor credentials to ensure you are getting the best value for your time and money.

Ultimately, the worth of a course will depend on individual goals and learning preferences.

Will My Employer Pay for me to Take the Course?

It depends on your employer's policies and budget for employee training and development.

Some employers may be willing to pay for it if they believe that the training will improve your skills and contribute to the organization's goals.

It may be best to discuss the matter with your HR representative or supervisor to see if they offer this type of training and if it would be covered.

If your employer does not offer to pay for it, consider paying for the course yourself or seeking other sources of funding.

How Do You Improve Your Writing?

Whether you're crafting a personal essay, diving into online learning, or simply want to express your ideas more clearly, here are some tips to improve your writing skills.

  1. Read a Lot: Reading helps you understand different communication styles. You'll discover new words and ways to convey your thoughts.

  2. Write Regularly: Writing often improves your skills, just like practicing a sport.

  3. Take Free Online Courses: There are many courses available that can teach you about grammar, storytelling, and more. They're like a coach for your writing.

  4. Ask for Feedback: Show your work to others. They can offer valuable advice on how to improve.

  5. Edit Your Work: Look at your writing with a critical eye. Is there a better word you could use? Can you make a sentence clearer?

  6. Understand Your Audience: Think about who you're writing for. Grade 6 students? Adults? Each group might prefer a different style.

  7. Use Strong Words: Choose words that are clear and powerful. Instead of saying "walked slowly," you could say "strolled" or "ambled" while writing short stories or novels, for example.

  8. Keep Sentences Short: Long sentences can be confusing. Shorter ones are easier to understand.

  9. Be Curious: Always be open to learning new things. Curiosity leads to more interesting writing.

  10. Be Honest: When writing a personal essay, share your true thoughts and feelings. It makes your writing more relatable.

Remember, writing is a journey.

It takes time and effort, but with patience and practice, you'll see improvement. Keep exploring the world of online learning and practicing different writing styles.

Soon, you'll find your own unique voice in writing.

What Are the 4 Types of Writing?

There are four main types of writing, each serving a unique purpose and style:

  1. Descriptive Writing: Imagine painting a picture with words. That's descriptive writing. It creates a vivid image in the reader's mind. You use detailed descriptions to talk about people, places, or things. Descriptive writing includes poetry, diary entries, and novel descriptions.

  2. Explanatory Writing: This type of writing is all about explaining or describing something. It's like being a teacher on paper. You give facts and explain ideas without sharing your own opinions. Examples include: Textbook, How-to articles, and News reports

  3. Narrative Writing: This is storytelling. You tell about a series of events, often in chronological order. Narrative writing lets you share experiences and stories, providing real-world scenarios or imagined ones. Examples include novels, short stories, and biographies.

  4. Persuasive Writing: Here, you're trying to convince the reader to agree with your point of view. It's like being a lawyer arguing a case. Persuasive writing presents reasons and arguments to make your case. You'll see this in opinion columns, advertisem*nts, and political speeches.

Each type of writing serves a different purpose and helps you communicate in different ways.

Whether you're explaining a concept, describing a dream, telling a story, or persuading someone to see your point of view, these four types are your tools to express yourself effectively.

Your Next Steps

The journey to becoming a more skilled writer, whether you're an aspiring fiction writer, a student aiming for stronger essay development, or someone looking to enhance their public speaking scripts, is an enriching and ongoing process.

Each online writing course offers unique insights and techniques, empowering you to express your ideas with more precision and creativity.

Remember, the skills you acquire from these courses not only benefit you in your current writing endeavors but also foster a lifelong ability to communicate effectively.

By engaging with fellow students and instructors, you'll gain diverse perspectives that enrich your learning experience.

As you continue to explore and practice, you'll find that your writing not only grows in clarity and strength but also becomes a powerful tool for sharing your voice with the world.

Keep learning, keep writing, and watch as your words make a meaningful impact.

2024 Writing Courses Online: Which One Is Right for You? (2024)


How to start content writing in 2024? ›

Start by honing your writing skills through practice and feedback. Create a blog, contribute to online forums, or volunteer to write for small businesses. Engage in online courses or workshops to understand content strategy, SEO, and digital marketing. Build a portfolio with your best pieces to showcase your abilities.

Which creative writing course is best? ›

In summary, here are 10 of our most popular creative writing courses
  • Creative Writing: Wesleyan University.
  • Write Your First Novel: Michigan State University.
  • Good with Words: Writing and Editing: University of Michigan.
  • The Strategy of Content Marketing: University of California, Davis.

What is a good writing course? ›

In summary, here are 10 of our most popular writing courses
  • Write Your First Novel: Michigan State University.
  • Creative Writing: Wesleyan University.
  • Good with Words: Writing and Editing: University of Michigan.
  • Academic English: Writing: University of California, Irvine.
  • Writing in the Sciences: Stanford University.

What is effective writing course? ›

The purpose of this writing course is to familiarise students with the nuances of effective writing so that they can better understand the subtle art of writing.

Is content writing a good career in 2024? ›

Yes, content writing can be a great career option for those who enjoy writing and have strong communication skills. As businesses increasingly rely on digital channels to reach and engage with customers, there is a growing demand for high-quality content across a range of industries.

Is 40 too old to start a writing career? ›

No, it's not too late to start a writing career at fifty or any age. Many successful writers have started their careers later in life, and age should not be a barrier to pursuing your passion for writing. In fact, there are some advantages to starting a writing career later in life.

Can I take a creative writing class online? ›

You can take an Online writing class from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. The majority of our Online students are located in the U.S. but we also draw students from practically every country in the world.

How to become a writer for beginners online? ›

10 Ways to break into freelance writing without experience
  1. Write samples. ...
  2. Find a writing agency to support you. ...
  3. Launch a blog. ...
  4. Write for friends and family. ...
  5. Network with other freelance writers. ...
  6. Get your start with a content network. ...
  7. Revise and refresh your grammar. ...
  8. Learn about SEO.

Is a creative writing certificate worth it? ›

Yes, Creative Writer certifications can be quite beneficial for those transitioning from another career. These programs often delve into key writing techniques, literary theory, and industry-standard practices, equipping career changers with the specialized knowledge and skills needed in the field.

What is a basic writing course? ›

Basic writing, or developmental writing, is a subdiscipline of composition studies which focuses on the writing of students sometimes otherwise called "remedial" or "underprepared", usually freshman college students.

What are the top 5 writing skills? ›

Writing skills don't just include the physical act of writing. Skills like research, planning and outlining, editing, revising, spelling and grammar, and organization are critical components of the writing process.

How to study online writing? ›

You could start off with something like a course on how to start writing fiction. This will give you some of the fundamentals of creative writing. If you're into movies, an introduction to screenwriting course might be a good fit. We also have courses on academic writing.

How do I learn to write properly? ›

8 exercises to improve writing skills
  1. Write every day. ...
  2. Turn long paragraphs into bullet points. ...
  3. Change passive voice into active voice. ...
  4. Use grammar checker tools like Writer. ...
  5. Proof your friend's or colleague's writing. ...
  6. Write fanfiction. ...
  7. Read out loud. ...
  8. Read books on how to write better.

What is an online writing course? ›

Online writing course curriculum

Start with the fundamentals in an online grammar course, where you can learn about the different parts of speech, punctuation, conjugation, and sentence structure. Or more advanced writers can practice their storytelling and persuasive writing skills with an essay writing course.

Which school has the best writing program? ›

If you're wondering which school has the best creative writing program, Brown University is the top-ranked college to attend for students interested in creative writing. Brown University's English Department offers various courses for students to explore their interests and hone their writing skills.

How to start content writing as a beginner? ›

How To Start Content Writing Today
  1. Define your niche: Determine the area or topics you want to focus on. ...
  2. Enhance your writing skills: Good writing is the backbone of content writing. ...
  3. Research your topics: To create valuable content, research is crucial. ...
  4. Develop a unique voice: Find your own writing style and tone.

How do I start content writing with no experience? ›

Here are some steps you can take to start your journey as a content writer:
  1. #1. Develop Your Writing Skills: ...
  2. #2. Build a Portfolio: ...
  3. #3. Learn Basic SEO: ...
  4. #4. Explore Different Writing Niches: ...
  5. #5. Utilize Freelance Platforms: ...
  6. #6. Apply for Internships or Entry-Level Positions: ...
  7. #7. Network with Other Writers: ...
  8. #8.
Jan 4, 2024

How to get started as a content writer? ›

How to become a content writer
  1. Get a bachelor's degree. You don't need a degree to work as a content writer, but a degree can help you learn valuable lessons about writing, research and journalism that can assist your content writing career. ...
  2. Gain experience. ...
  3. Develop a portfolio. ...
  4. Apply to agencies. ...
  5. Freelance.
Jun 30, 2023

Is there a future in content writing? ›

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, content writing is undergoing a transformation too. With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), the future of content writing is being shaped by new possibilities that were once unthinkable.


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